Male Escort Barcelona vs Male Masseur Barcelona

Male Escort Barcelona vs Male Masseur Barcelona

Male escort Barcelona – Male Masseur Barcelona – Gay massage

Male Escort Barcelona vs Male Masseur Barcelona – Professional, sympathetic, with sculptural bodies and miracle hands for gay massage are the main characteristics that better describe to our male masseur Barcelona besides some male escort.

Our men are the best erotic male masseurs in Barcelona, but, what is an erotic male masseur and what does he do? Well, contrary to what people can think, they are not devoted to prostitution, they are not luxury male escorts Barcelona. They do, in our exclusive massage centers or in a hotel you choose, a great variety of only erotic massages for men.

The erotic massages are the most pleasant and sensual massages of the market. It is used oriental like the Tantra to take a simple relaxing massage to a superior level. A physical and mental experience completely new, pleasant and addictive.

Gay Escort Barcelona – Straight Male Escort – Luxury Male Escort

There are many types of erotic massages like for example the four hand massage, the body to body massage or the famous lingam massage and the yoni massage. These last ones are focused on massaging the genital area both of the man, in the case of the lingam, like the woman, in the case of the yoni massage.

As we have already mentioned, our male masseurs are not gay escort Barcelona, although they massage the genital areas, there are no complete sexual relationships although if it is wanted, you can ejaculate. The pleasure is so intense that it will be difficult not to reach the end, although this is not the aim. The aim of the lingam massage or the yoni massage is to cause on you an intense and unforgettable pleasure and keeping on it, without ejaculating, the highest possible time. The experience of a straight male escort will be well worth as in your following sexual relationship the pleasure will really increase.

Lingam Massage Barcelona – Male escort for men Barcelona

In some of the massages it is allowed a soft touch with the male masseur for higher complicity and eroticism, in other massages our professional male masseurs can show their bodies completely naked while they do an erotic massage that you will never forget.

These are most of the services which are offered by a male masseur both to women and men. The services of a luxury male escort, however, go far the eroticism of a massage.

male escort for men Barcelona, unlike a male masseur, have complete sexual relationships. With varied sexual techniques he offers a complete range of services that together with his education, intelligence and knowledge make him the best luxury company to meet you together in private or in business dinners, congresses or events where the image is everything.

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