The 5 marathons that you cannot miss

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We have talked in many different times about the importance that running is getting in the society we live in. And, Barcelona is one of the clearest examples that we have of this. At any time of the day, we can see people running in any part of the city: streets, gay massage parks, gyms, and everywhere. Sport is essential for our health and, running, has many more advantages than a gay masseur any other sport.

So it is, therefore, that they are so important that great marathons have been set in some of the most important cities in the world. If you are looking for this type of leisure and you love running, you will like this post. Our professionals will tell us everything you need to know about the 5 most important marathons that are set around the world; Marathons that you cannot miss, as neither will our professionals from the gay massage in Barcelona.

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The best cities with running: the professionals of the gay massage in Barcelona tell us about them

These 5 marathons are of the most interesting for all running lovers and they are held every year in Athens, Berlin, Paris, New York and Barcelona. Each of these cities organize one of the biggest marathons they have seen during the year and is that, every time, there are more and more people who are encouraged to go to these marathons. Not only does it allow us to enjoy our favorite sport, but it also allows us to meet new people, man to man massage, new cities and brings us a great personal male escort experience.

“I will love to go to the New York marathon, but it is possible that I start in Barcelona because it is closer. In this way, we will see how they work, the people who came and, the best of all, if it is a good experience to make the trip “- David tells us. David is one of the professionals of the masculine massages in Barcelona and he is very willing to do everything necessary to get this great experience.

Javier, another professional of the male masseur in Barcelona, is an expert in sex massage and these marathons. He is always telling friends to go with him and trying to get a nice group to run them all. “It is an amazing experience. You do not only see an amazing organization for the event, but also you have a nice time to enjoy with other people. It is a very nice way to make friends everywhere in the world. “

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Considerations before going to a marathon

According to the experience of Javier, one of the best professionals male masseurs in Barcelona, going to one of these marathons is the best, but we also need to organized before going. Some of the advice that he offers to those interested in going are the following ones:

  • Schedule the trip with time: it is important to start organizing everything with time enough. It is possible that we need to save some money if the marathon we want to run is in another country. It is in the same country we live in, then it may be a lot easier. However, the experience will not be the same. Moreover if you request a gay therapist.
  • Complete information: before deciding about going or not to one of these marathons, it is important to find all the information that we can have about it. Not all the marathons are the same and they are not suitable for all the runners. So, it is important to know the city in which is going to take place, the days that it will be, and what we have close to it, like hotels, public transport and so on.