What to do in Sitges?

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Sitges is clearly a gay-friendly city but, its leisure is not limited to the LGTB public and that is something that must be said. As gay massage agency located in Barcelona, ​​part of our clientele resides in Sitges and our man masseurs in Barcelona are always well-informed about what’s happening there. Obviously Sitges is a  “hotspot” for gay tourism and there are many places for the enjoyment of the LGBT community, but Sitges is much more than the “Calle del Pecado” as our customers tell always to our male masseurs Sitges while enjoying their gay massage  session.

What to do in Sitges (a few tips)

  1. During the months of July, August and September you can enjoy the Sitgestiu, which brings together a lot of different musical proposals; at any time and for all audiences and trends.
  2. Sea swimming lanes. Sitges is credited with over 3 kilometers of practicable marine itineraries. We have been getting so many feed-backs about them that some of our male masseur in Barcelona have experienced firsthand those stories from our customers: swimming and snorkeling in open waters. In the words of the gay masseur who has tried it: simply amazing.
  3. Beaches all along its coastline. There are 18 kilometers of beach in Sitges for its visitors and residents to enjoy. In addition, the best of them is the wide variety of environments among  them. There are quiet coves, family atmosphere, “urban” beaches overlooking the historic center, gay-freindly ones where you can even meet with some gay masseur … So much to choose.
  4. All included. The overwhelming summer offer in Sitges is a great point in its favor compared to other Catalan coast areas. In its sand lines, aside from the usual beach bars, you can find sailing schools, playgrounds, water and sport activities, and much more.
  5. Sitges is one of the cities with the highest number of marinas in Spain, there are three of them. In them you can enjoy a wide range of marine and activities, boat rentals and cruises, canoeing, sailing school, diving … there is plenty of choice.

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Eden is so close. Do you want to come in?

We know very well the nightlife in Sitges, and can help you also to know it during the day. If you end up tired of so much activity, remember that we are a gay massage agency that offers the best tantric and erotic massage services, always performed by the best gay masseurs, male escort and gay escorts. We invite you to let aside for a few hours the “Calle del Pecado” to know the true paradise by the hand of an experienced and handsome male masseurs in Barcelona.